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Researchers, advocates, and editors find it quite challenging to keep a check on the quality of Wikipedia articles continuously, and why they won’t, it's no doubt a very tedious task. Wikipedia being open to collaborative and anonymous editing requires continuous updating and monitoring of edits in its several articles. Marketers perceive Wikipedia as an efficient marketing tool bound to boost their continue reading
Let’s take a trip down to the memory lane, where we perceived Wikipedia as our sole guide for extracting information to create content for our academic assignments, projects and research papers. Wikipedia has always been our partner in crime back in school days, where we used to make our science projects and wow the teachers. But nowadays, Wikipedia is seen continue reading
Wikipedia has been a terrific marketing tool ever since digital marketers realized its true potential as a stupendous source for boosting rankings in Google's SERP's. Almost, all business nowadays are leveraging from it a tremendous amount of benefits. From topping up your ranking games in search engines to beefing up your credibility, and building a reputable name online, Wikipedia is continue reading
It's an immense struggle to get a Wikipedia page up and running. Although prominent figures have realized the importance of enhancing their online visibility through this prestigious website, they struggle to keep it running. And why wouldn't they? Creating a page on Wikipedia and getting compelling content published on it isn’t a piece of cake. Wikipedia follows strict editorial, structural continue reading
From being an open encyclopedia offering free article publication to adding optimization value, Wikipedia has got around 35.146 million users around the world. Also, with 5.764 million articles, it is the 7th most visited website in the world. It would be entirely idiotic to be aware of all these perks and still not have the page created. These articles are co-written continue reading
Wikipedia page creation isn’t just limited to businesses or celebrities. It can also be used by athletes to publish useful articles as an effort to enhance their online visibility. Other than increasing online visibility, creating a Wikipedia page has become essential for every brand and personality to grow its name in the market. Now you must wonder why? Isn't Wikipedia continue reading
Wikipedia offers a platform that interests readers looking for reliable, useful and unbiased information. It's like an open encyclopedia that allows you to provide fruitful details and showcase your website originality. It's not a platform that will enable you to publish overly creative useless articles, that depict a bogus unpromising image of your website. Also, to create a Wikipedia page, continue reading
Online portfolios are also known as e-portfolios or web portfolios, are the same as the printed ones. They are crucial for showcasing your work on the web. Having an online digital collection is beneficial as it allows the user to exhibit their abilities effectively, and it can be easily updated when needed. Digital portfolio works continue reading
Creating a Wikipedia page can do wonders for you. It will make you prominent in front of your audience. Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website. Users trust Wikipedia when they intend to extract useful information. Also, to this, it shows up on top of Google's SERP's, which means your website can achieve optimization benefits as well. There is no continue reading
Wikipedia is arguably one of the best sites; you can use to promote your business. We all remember extracting useful information from Wikipedia when we first started using the internet. It's been around from quite some time. Whenever you type something on Google, a Wikipedia page appears on top of Google's page. According to a study, it has performed continue reading
Wikipedia is stupendous for ranking your website on the top in Google's SERP's. As fierce competition fume up in the digital marketing world, you can put your trust in Wikipedia. Creating a Wikipedia page for your website means instant visibility, the building of brand image and reputation. With digital marketers making use of numerous social media platforms such as LinkedIn, continue reading