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When users come across online articles related to them, it makes them feel special without a doubt. In today’s digital world, it is a bit easy to make a name among the masses. Wikipedia is the best platform to spread your popularity like wildfire.

Everyone knows that Wikipedia has a strong reputation among online platforms. Anything written here is considered genuine and factual. After all, Wikipedia admins never compromise on their strict guidelines. Therefore creating and updating a Wikipedia page is not a piece of cake.

So, in this article we are sharing five easy steps to create a flawless Wikipedia page:

Step 1: Have References for Your Wikipedia Article.

Before creating your Wikipedia page, the first thing you have to do is to decide on a topic you need to write about. The topic and content must be well-referenced and properly sourced. You can’t afford to sit there and just write about a random topic you believe you are an expert on without proper citations.

Whatever you write must be well-documented. The page you submit will not be accepted unless you include proper citations with the article.

Step 2: Research Wikipedia Topics.

It is crucial to consider topics that are in demand. You can do this by typing “WP: RA” in the search box of Wikipedia. Furthermore, make sure Wikipedia hasn’t already published the piece related to the topic you are considering to write about. By doing this research ahead of time, you will certainly save yourself a lot of time.

Can you imagine doing all the research and everything necessary to create your article only to discover that the topic has already been written about? So do yourself a favor and ensure the topic hasn’t been covered yet before writing anything.

Step 3: Register your Wikipedia Account.

After you have done your research on what specific topic to write about, it’s time to register your own Wikipedia account. Registration is not a requirement, but there are several advantages to doing so.

A majority of Wikipedia authors register to receive recognition for their articles and other benefits. Registering also allows you to communicate with the rest of the Wikipedia community and receive notification if any of your articles have been modified.

Step 4: Edit your Wikipedia Page with Sandbox.

Next, you need to prepare your article to submit in Wikipedia’s stand-alone text editor called “Sandbox.” The program is integrated within the website so there is no need to download additional software. Most writers find it more convenient to complete their articles in their word processor program than copy/paste the content into Sandbox. Now you are almost on your way to the final step in the submission process.

Step 5: Submit your Wikipedia Article.

Once you are set to publish your article, make sure to preview how your article will look before moving forward. After checking your grammar, fine-tuning your content, and checking that all of your citations are properly referenced; you can finally send your article to the Wikipedia editors for review.

If all your information is referenced properly and the content within the article is satisfactory, then you will get notified once it goes live. Sometimes the editorial staff request more citations for the information you have given in your article. However, eventually, your piece will get published if you follow each of their submission guideline.


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