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Almost everyone gets super lazy whenever they have to research their paper. I bet, every writer out there can relate to this. The agony of investing a considerable amount of your precious time for doing homework on the topic, before you start writing is dreadful. The thought of just opening up a laptop, going on to Google and scrolling through different websites withholding the information is irritating. It’s just like being in high school when we used to quickly snatch our friend’s term paper intending to copy it by mixing up the words before the teacher’s arrival in our class. So, why did we use to do this? Was the lack of resource to blame? Or was it too much workload? or was content from Wikipedia pages not enough?Well, you know what? It was none. It was just sheer laziness emerging from our pathetic routines leading towards sleep deprivation and lethargy.

But what’s done is done. Old days are past us now. In this booming era of technology, conducting research has become an easy task. There are numerous tools available online that we can leverage from whenever we want to write content from another source. These tools simply convert copied text into original content that can be utilized further for different projects. But if you are in no mood of using a tool or there are regulatory policies against it then a website holding the relevant content coming from a reliable source is mandatory for putting up content that is of value.

Is Wikipedia Reliable?

Wikipedia works as a free encyclopedia which is open to anonymous and collaborative editing. Being the 7th most visited website, and following some strict authoritarian policies, the content on it comes from reliable sources. Digital marketers opt for Wikipedia page creation for the numerous benefits it has to offer. But many marketers believe the content on it cannot be copied. It’s just a common misconception that goes around the minds of many digital marketers.

Content from Wikipedia pages can easily be copied, modified and redistributed on some conditions. These conditions are only met when a writer complies with a license on which Wikipedia’s text is licensed under. The author of the content used must also be acknowledged. A writer can only reuse Wikipedia content for article/blog/books or other publication if the licensing statement is verified and the files comply with the license. Currently, Wikipedia is primarily subject to U.S law which means writers outside U.S must make sure they are subject to all the laws of their country.

 A reuser will be held accountable for determining how a license applies to their intended reuse. These include copyright violations and other actors dependent on it such as personality rights, moral rights, privacy rights, legal causes which are independent of copyrights and vary greatly by jurisdiction. If something still isn’t clear to you, then you can always opt for an attorney that holds the licensed practice in your area. In short, you need to give Wikipedia the credit it deserves.

Why Wikipedia?

If you are wondering why I am paying emphasis on copying content from this site is because of its authenticity. About 578 articles published on it per day, it serves as a dynamic platform to provide knowledge-factual based information to a non-expert audience. It is the first website that pops up every time a user runs a search. Owning to its strict editorial and authoritarian laws, Wikipedia only approves of content that is originated from a credible source. Moreover, it is edited and regulated by world-renowned researchers, advocates, and scholars. So, if you are picking up content from this prestigious website, then go for it.

How is Wikipedia page Authentic?

Wikipedia only approves of pages that are already quite notable in the online digital marketing world. There are only a few website whose content from Wikipedia pages, don’t get approved. In addition to a site being notable, Wikipedia only approves of content generation that comes from a credible site with citations. It also follows strict editorial guidelines that mean it doesn’t approve of copy-pasted content. After all these considerations, Wikipedia has earned a reputable name in the online digital realm. Hence, opting for it will be a great thing to do.

Take Away

If you are too lazy to conduct research and write content from scratch, then copying it from an esteemed website such as Wikipedia will be a smart thing to do. However, one thing should always be kept in mind, and this is accurate compliance to license must be followed. Read this blog thoroughly; if you wish to copy content from Wikipedia to write in your own words, it will surely help you!


About the Author:

Oscar is a passionate digital marketer who has discovered the importance of content in the online world. Currently he is working as the lead of his content team in Wikipedia LLC. Apart from being a professional Wikipedia content producer, he is a book worm who loves to read day in night out.