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If you are struggling with gaining online recognition or attracting traffic to your website? Or let’s say you are doing everything in your power to beef up your credibility, achieve a global presence, or bring new customers on board, but still, you face failure. I suggest you explore the complete ins and outs of Wikipedia. Digital marketers perceive Wikipedia as an evident marketing tool in this era. Wikipedia being an online encyclopedia aims at offering factual information to a non-expert audience. When editing Wikipedia pages here, they can publish pertinent content about their brand to attract more people onto their website.

Being open to anonymous and collaborative editing Wikipedia pages, some people perceive Wikipedia to be unreliable. But what these people are unaware of is that Wikipedia follows strict authoritarian and editorial guidelines. No editor can make amendments on it that either are too defaming, biased, negative, or write information that portrays an unrealistic image of the brand. Apart from editorial guidelines, Wikipedia also has some strict plagiarism rules. It will only publish content that is curated from a reliable source. So, don’t you worry about the authenticity and originality of the content, Wikipedia is quite trustworthy in this regard.

But with all these intricacies involved, becoming a Wikipedia editor isn’t easy. A few years ago, Wikipedia used to hire editors voluntarily, but a decline has been observed in this practice just recently, right after the demand for paid Wikipedia Skyrocketed. This further allowed a lot of inexperienced editors to jump in and make things worse. Such unqualified editors can easily create a fool out of you. To avoid such a hoax, it’s better you consider becoming a Wikipedia editor yourself. Please read this blog thoroughly, as I have provided some crucial steps for becoming a fantastic Wikipedia Editor.

1) Create an Account

The first thing you are required to do is get yourself registered on this prestigious website. Due to the sheer volume of spams, Wikipedia tends to ban all public VPNs so, having an account on Wikipedia first will be a smarter thing to do. After you have successfully registered yourself on Wikipedia, it is time for you to make small edits, this will help you become an auto-confirmed user in no time. According to one survey, around 141,264 users registered to Wikipedia in just march 2019 alone. Gaining recognition and getting yourself promoted on Wikipedia won’t happen overnight. You would need a lot of patience for this. 

You can then start editing from the top right part of the window. Always remember to add your signature. Your signature will play an essential role in separating your identity from other editors.

2) Make Use of Sandbox

If you want to practice your Wikipedia pages that need editing skills before making actual edits, then sandbox is an online tool that you need to use. It will just take a few hours for you to get the hang of it entirely, so there is no need to worry about anything. You can easily practice your Wikipedia pages that need editing skills here while you wait for your auto-confirmation. If you struggle with the workings of it then, you can always go online and view relevant tutorials. Also, some infographics can do the trick. Simply post the code from another published article and get on with it.

3) Get Started On Editing

Practice makes a man perfect. Start working on articles that you believe you can edit well. Pick those articles that you are an expert on. Try editing Wikipedia pages articles that aren’t that important. You don’t want to be practising on articles that are crucial to a business. Because if something goes wrong or if you make a blunder, then the blame will go on you, and you might end up getting yourself removed from this platform once in for all. Also, after you have edited a page, always give an edit summary. Once you have provided your summary, briefly submit your page and voila you’re done.

4) Get to Know with Other Editors

Once you start building a network with other editors, you start gaining a massive amount of respect and recognition within the Wikipedia community. But apart from all the positives, some bitter arguments also spring up among editors in attempts to proving themselves right. Once you start maintaining your position in the community, it will help automatically help you widen your learning curve. You will be able to learn the ethics that are crucial for Wikipedia page creation editing and will be able to sustain an elevated position throughout your Wikipedia journey. 

Perks of Wikipedia Page Creation

Apart from becoming an editor, Wikipedia provides a tremendous amount of benefits to websites worldwide. Let’s explore them in great detail:

1) Fires Up your Brand Value

As you are quite aware of the fact that all information present on Wikipedia comes from a reliable source and a notable website; thus, when readers read your content, they instantly know it’s of great value. Maintaining Wikipedia pages that need editing takes a sheer amount of dedication, commitment, and persistence but let me assure you of one thing that it will be all worth it by the end of the day. So, start exploring the ins and outs of this esteemed website from today and enhance your brand value.

2) Attracts New Customers

Being the 7th most visited website in the world, Wikipedia is great for spawning millions of people from around the globe. So, if you haven’t gone entirely global yet, it’s time for you to get recognized by the world as a whole now. With getting an average of 296 million page views daily, Wikipedia will make you famous in just a matter of days. Therefore, it is hands down one of the best ways to expand your customer base to reach potential clients in no time!

3) Beefs Up Credibility

Disembark on a journey to provide readers with content that is unique and authentic. The audience online craves content that is originated from the original thought process. As Wikipedia discards plagiarized content, your readers will know the article you have put up are derived from creativity, ingenuity, and unorthodoxy. 

Wrap Up

Wikipedia is a one-stop solution for all your website SEO issues as well. Since Wikipedia pops up on top of Google SERP’s every time you type in a query. So, getting your content up there can do wonders for your website. If you struggle with mastering any aspect of Wikipedia, you know whether its Wikipedia page creation or editing Wikipedia pages then you can always seek help from editing Wikipedia pages online. Therefore, read this blog thoroughly and create a Wikipedia page for your company right away!


About the Author:

Oscar is a passionate digital marketer who has discovered the importance of content in the online world. Currently he is working as the lead of his content team in Wikipedia LLC. Apart from being a professional Wikipedia content producer, he is a book worm who loves to read day in night out.