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Wikipedia is arguably one of the best sites; you can use to promote your business. We all remember extracting useful information from Wikipedia when we first started using the internet. It’s been around from quite some time.

Whenever you type something on Google, a Wikipedia page appears on top of Google’s page. According to a study, it has performed for 56% of search terms in the organic listing spot. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that you could also create their page on this website to build brand image. But Wikipedia page writing is very intimidating.

But the question is, why you should use Wikipedia for promotion of your online business when there are several other platforms? Well, consider the fact that even for a one-word search, Wikipedia page appears on the first 8 out of 10 times. Therefore, promoting your business through a Wikipedia page can increase your ranking and build your brand image. But to know how this works, let’s start, by discussing some basics of Wikipedia.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, but with a twist. It is built through a collaborative effort by several writers, authors and editors who keep modifying its content from time to time. Businesses avail it by uploading their content on this website to make it more visible in front of the audience. Let’s discover how?

Reasons to Create Your Own Wikipedia Page?

Creating your own Wikipedia page will be a brilliant move. It will give you a chance to broaden your customer base as your content will become more prominent. By intensifying your credibility, you will able to build more brand persona. It further leads to the generation of more leads and sales, which we all are after. Hence, you should create your very own Wikipedia page and seek all the benefits that it has to offer.

Wikipedia Page Do’s

Before creating a Wikipedia page, there are a few things that should be considered. If not followed, your page could be in jeopardy. Let’s study the dos and don’ts in great detail:


01: Make sure your company is eligible and contains useful articles related to your business. Wikipedia only allows well-renowned companies to create their pages. So, there is no point in creating a page when your business lacks the requirements.

02: The next step would include signing up for Wikipedia and creating your independent account. The procedure is quite simple, but if you still face some difficulty, then you could always hire professional Wikipedia page writers to do this job for you.

03: Incorporate citations from outside resources to enhance your website content quality. Expand your online search by publishing press releases or similar content before building your Wikipedia page.


01: As Wikipedia consists of factual information, utilizing promotional content is a big no. It also goes against the guidelines. If your promotional brochure or any article gets caught, your page would be taken down in no time.

02: Don’t reinstate your entry if it’s taken down by an editor. Once, caught by an editor, don’t try to bring yourself back. It’s a steep road back. To create your entry from scratch, you will be required to put your company through the top-class publication, which is not convenient at all.

03: Don’t add awards and endowments, Wikipedia considers this as promotional content. Therefore, when creating promotional material, say no toads, videos, brochures and paid content.

How can a Wikipedia Page Cater to Building Brand Image?

Branding is a critical factor that can make or break your business in the market. It’s crucial for driving more business in the market and influencing people’s perspective about your brand. A prime example of shaping peoples’ views is Zayn Ting, which comes under the human hair wigs industry. The size of wigs market will become a $10 billion market until 2023. How? The reason is branding through websites and all the major online platforms like Wikipedia. A Wikipedia page helps to build an image in the following way:

01: More Brand Value

Even though Wikipedia page writing, is not a piece of cake. Creating and maintaining a Wikipedia page requires sheer determination, persistence and dedication. Likewise, it’s also evident to stick with Wikipedia rules and guidelines. But believe me, all the time and resources that you invest in building a Wikipedia presence for your business, it’s worth it. It allows you to establish a secure place of your website in the marketplace, creating more brand value.

02: Generate New Customers

Since, Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website, having your site content on it will do wonders. Wikipedia gets an average of 269 million page views daily. Mind-blowing right? I believe there is no such marketer who would not want a Wikipedia page. It doesn’t make sense. Who would not want their website to become prominent in front of the masses? Wikipedia is the best way you can expand your customer base by reaching potential clients.

03: Builds Integrity

Establishing your business through Wikipedia makes it flourish. You will be soon on your way towards intensifying your credibility and providing your customers with authentic content. Will help build integrity among your readers, creating a positive brand image while building trust. A professional brand Image will foster towards building tenability that will leave a positive impact on your customers.

04: Spawns Recognition

 Due to the immense popularity of Wikipedia, your business can become popular worldwide. Professionally written content and a well maintained Wikipedia page speak for your brand. It helps in giving your brand voice by building its brand persona. So, if your business is lacking recognition then create a Wikipedia page right away.

Wrap Up

From the content mentioned above, it is quite easy to presume that Wikipedia isn’t for everyone. Your website must have a secure a presence and a prestigious character to land a page here. Hence, first, make sure of its notability then began to plan an entry. You could seek professional help for this purpose; there are numerous websites available online offering astute Wikipedia page creation assistance. So, go ahead and continue to expand.


About the Author:

Oscar is a passionate digital marketer who has discovered the importance of content in the online world. Currently he is working as the lead of his content team in Wikipedia LLC. Apart from being a professional Wikipedia content producer, he is a book worm who loves to read day in night out.