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Wikipedia is stupendous for ranking your website on the top in Google’s SERP’s. As fierce competition fume up in the digital marketing world, you can put your trust in Wikipedia. Creating a Wikipedia page for your website means instant visibility, the building of brand image and reputation. With digital marketers making use of numerous social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, the question is, should businesses invest in creating a Wikipedia page? The answer is a roaring “yes”. When you look up something on Google, you always see a Wikipedia page pop up containing all the information. It’s known for generating tons of leads, bringing lots of traffic and improving brand image overall.

However, creating a Wikipedia isn’t something easy. It’s more like writing a college term paper. A significant amount of experience, skill and knowledge is needed to nail one. It’s more like an art that needs mastering first. Therefore, if you think you have got this, then go on, create a compelling Wikipedia page that sells. But, if you think you would require assistance, then you could always opt for a Wikipedia page creation agency. These Wikipedia page creation services, provide top-notch Wikipedia page creation writers that guarantee success for your business. Let’s discuss some perks of a creating your own Wikipedia page.

01: Related Pages

Wikipedia provides an excellent opportunity for you to read more articles. With suggested links down at the bottom of a Wikipedia page, your readers can take advantage of useful information. These links, link your readers to other articles of the same interest bringing in more diversity. Suggested reads is an exciting perk that readers can leverage from for free. According to one research conducted by the team which came up with this idea, showed 25% of users clicked the “read more” sign at least once in a day.

02: Helps Reduce Vandalism

Vandalism in Wikipedia refers to an act of editing a page in a fatal manner which is disruptive. For example, it means removal or modification of such content which is offensive or a hoax. However, not all content is nonsensical. Since Wikipedia is open to editing, it has struggled to maintain a balance between keeping free editing and securing accurate information. But fortunately, when a website creates its own Wikipedia page, its chances of getting edited decreases. One survey found that anonymous IP editors cause about 97% of vandalism.  If you can’t create it yourself, lookup for a Wikipedia page creation agency online.

03: Reduces Edits based on Original Research

Whenever you post an article on a Wikipedia page, you are allowing anonymous IP editors to modify it. Now, most of these editors don’t follow guidelines on verifiability, which is a shame. It means your content is subjected to any edit causing it to lose its originality. Hence, once your Wikipedia page is registered and competent to go, it is submitted to follow all guidelines to maintain credibility.

04: Enhance Online Security

When you create a Wikipedia page, it hides your IP address from potential hackers. Since Wikipedia page is crawling with people wanting to make edits in content, you never know what malicious intentions they have. Wikipedia tends to display IP information in its page history of all anonymous contributor. It makes your personal information vulnerable and might end up in the wrong hands. However, you can secure all this critical information by creating your own Wikipedia page.

05: Bring Diversity in your Content

Wikipedia helps editors to connect easily. When you are a registered user, you are allowed to make amendments in articles along with other editors sharing a mutual interest. However, it’s only beneficial when the IP address remains secured and assigned to one person. It further fosters teamwork when editors come together on one platform and edit content. If the accuracy of your content is maintained, more diversity will be brought in your content, making it more exciting and exciting.

06: Increase your Ranking in Google’s SERP’s

Wikipedia is great for boosting your ranking in Google’s SERP’s. By creating your own Wikipedia page and publishing articles there, your content will show up on top of google results. This aids in helping you build more brand image and increase traffic on your website. Almost, everyone visits Wikipedia page for information so, make sure you get on creating a Wikipedia page right away. If you find yourself struggling, then it’s better that you create a Wikipedia page for your company.

Wrap Up

So, now that you know what benefits you can leverage from creating you very own Wikipedia page, it’s better to start right away. Make sure; you have proper know-how about creating one. Also, keep updating your page regularly and have patience while you do that since Wikipedia can take up a month to publish new posts. Don’t have enough time? Hire a Wikipedia page writer to assist you. You could easily find one through a Wikipedia page creation agency consisting of expert high-quality content writers. 


About the Author:

Oscar is a passionate digital marketer who has discovered the importance of content in the online world. Currently he is working as the lead of his content team in Wikipedia LLC. Apart from being a professional Wikipedia content producer, he is a book worm who loves to read day in night out.