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Wikipedia page creation isn’t just limited to businesses or celebrities. It can also be used by athletes to publish useful articles as an effort to enhance their online visibility. Other than increasing online visibility, creating a Wikipedia page has become essential for every brand and personality to grow its name in the market. Now you must wonder why? Isn’t Wikipedia supposed to be factual based? How does it help in reaching the masses?

Well, the answer to all these questions is that Wikipedia happens to be the 5th most visited website across the globe. Wikipedia also averages more than 18 billion page views per month, so it would be idiotic not to have an article up here. Also, it helps in generating traffic that expands your existing fan base. But getting an article published on this prestigious website isn’t easy as it seems.

Wikipedia follows some strict rules, guidelines, and procedures to be followed. Many athletes tend to seek professional help for getting their Wikipedia page up and going. But you can do it on your own too. Read the blog given below to find out how to create a Wikipedia page for an Athlete. You can also get an editor specializing in creating Wikipedia edits in athletes and sports.

01: Create an Account

Just like with any other website, Wikipedia also involves account creation as an initial step. But it’s better if you already have an account here before you start creating pages. Having an account already registered will give you more credibility. It will foster more trust with the parent website, which should be your aim anyway. You can easily create an account by clicking the “create an account” option in the top right corner.

02: Make sure you are Notable

Wikipedia will only publish your article only if you are well known online. Wikipedia follows strict notability guidelines. It doesn’t publish articles of any personality if it isn’t from a recognized source. Get some big companies to publish cover stories about you as you would be required to build a reputable image for Wikipedia. If you are new to the sports world, then consider waiting for a little. Establish your name in this industry and then think of getting an article publishes on Wikipedia. Get yourself a professional writer through visiting websites offering best Wikipedia page creation online.

03: Create a Compelling BIO

Your audience must connect with you on a personal level. For this purpose, you need to create an excellent biography. Present your whole life story by first telling about your early life then slowly move on to your educational background and professional background. Also, don’t miss out on any achievements. Incorporate even your small accomplishments. Your bio would be the first thing that will grab your reader’s attention, therefore create a well-written bio. You can always opt for a professional athlete Wikipedia writer for hire from Wikipedia athletes page creation services.

04: Provide Citations

All data incorporated in all articles must include citations with proper referencing. You need to provide your audience with relevant resources for gaining more valuable information. Also, Wikipedia condemns any sort of article that doesn’t include citations. Citing your content will build trust among your readers. It will allow them to read more from your page and spread a positive word of mouth that might land you some fantastic opportunities. 

05: Always Proofread

Wikipedia has strict plagiarism rules. All information that you provide in your article must not be plagiarized. Wikipedia runs a plagiarism check before publishing an article. Any copied content is subject to deletion. Also, proofread your work. Double-check your content for any grammatical and structural errors.

06: Update, Update and Update

After your page gets submitted, you would need to update it regularly. These updates will correspond to all your new achievements and development in your career. You need to keep your audience updated with all tournaments you win, all the events you attend, and all countries you travel. It will give transparency between you and your audience.

Take Away

As an athlete, it’s crucial for you’re to establish your name worldwide. Performing on a national basis won’t do any good for you in the long run. Although many athletes move towards building their name through social media platforms but having ta reputable page on Wikipedia will also do them wonders.


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